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KYC School Management App

The KYC School management app is all what the management needs to monitor and improve the performance of the school. The app is filled with reliable data on student, class and staff performances which helps them in making academic related decisions. The management can also monitor the financials, schedule meetings and send alerts to the staff through the mobile app. Stay in full control from wherever you are.

KYC School Parent App

Supported in all android and iOS devices, KYC School parent app is loaded with features for parents to monitor each and every progress in their child's academics. It also acts as platform for parents to stay up-to-date on all school related information. All school related alerts like Homework, timetable, circulars, absenteeism alerts, and marks are immediately alerted to the parents through SMS and mobile app. All you need is just one login to monitor the academics of all your children.

KYC School Staff App

Never get worried about being overloaded with all administrative activities. KYC School allows you to decentralize all the activities with the staff mobile app. Instead of one person doing all the work for several hours, everyone does few minutes of the work to make sure the information is shared in a timely manner. The staff app can be completely customized to the school’s needs. This make them focus on only what needs to be done.